My little VN Collection

My precious VN shelf

VN1And all Muvs that didn’t fit anymore



2 thoughts on “My little VN Collection

  1. Nice collection, I no longer buy hard-copies of game (let alone VNs) since I don’t really like storing them anywhere and rarely touch them, so the least I could do to support the VN market is buy digital copies of VNs. So far I legitimately own planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ and Cho Dengeki Stryker. Btw whats the name of the 2 VNs in the top picture, that are furthermost to the left?

    • From left to right it’s Shikkoku no Sharnoth and Sekien no Inganock. I’ll be buying the rest of the What a Beautiful series soon probably but these are the only ones I read so far. Everything I own a hardcopy from is something I really liked. I don’t own many digital copies myself, but I did buy Fault milestone 1 and Dysfunctional Systems on steam.

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