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Visual Novel Tea Party is a blog I created to write about my two biggest hobbies: visual novels (VN) and tea. So far it consists of 2 sections. One section where I will post reviews about VNs I read, articles related to them and will ramble about my personal favorites and collections. And another section where I will write about tea, one of my favorite beverages but also one of the most interesting subjects I’d like to research. The articles I’ll post will be simple but will also contain a lot of scientific details. I’d like to share my knowlegde about tea and show people how interesting this beverage is, from both cultural as chemical perspective.

About me

Handles I usually go by are Nyancha and Nyanko. I’m currently 21 years old, was born on January 6 1993 and live in The Netherlands. I started reading visual novels around August 2011, my first VN experience being Umineko no Naku Koro ni ep 5. While eagerly waiting for the translation patch of ep 7, I started Saya no Uta. This was the first VN  (and the first eroge) I finished. Visual novels taught me reading could be fun, something I denied until this point in my life. I was already familiar with anime, manga and light novels but none of them interest me as much as VNs do. It’s a pity we don’t have a similar genre in the west. Japanese culture is interesting and I admire some part of it but I prefer western style life. I really like a lot of their media, so I’d love to see VNs getting to the west some day, also in a western or combined style, with a western setting.

My obsession with tea was born when I was in the 2nd year of my analytical chemistry bachelor. I got an interest in food science and was planning to work in that branche after graduating (currently I already work there). In my free time I wanted to do something with the things I learned in school and decided to do some literature studies in things I was interested in. One of these things was how safe is my food? I wanted a chemical explaination of why some food is considered healthy and others not. Later I also started looking into drinks because I heard some rumors on the news about long term effects of compounds they put in some soda. Since I’ve always been consuming a lot of tea compared to other drinks, I was wondering what compounds where present in tea. So this is how I started looking into what was actually happening during the progress of making tea and how it would benefit my health, like tea is known for.

Some other hobbies

Besides reading VNs I like to spend my free time on playing games. In games I usually go by the handle Dlanorr. I really like good stories so I play jrpgs from time to time. Also the past 2 years games I play daily have been League of Legends and different MMORPG. Recently I picked up WoW again and plan to play Warlords of Dlanor Draenor.

I stream from time to time, mostly jrpgs. Feel free to follow or just visit my stream ~(=ノ^..^)ノ @ http://www.twitch.tv/dlanorr



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Daaamn, een Nederlands meisje die visual novels leest? En niet alleen dat, maar ook nog eens niet alleen maar BL of otoge? Met een goede smaak? Van mijn leeftijd? En ze drinkt ook nog eens thee?

    Ik moet zeggen dat ik een wel een klein beetje verbaasd ben dat ik niet het enige Nederlandse meisje ben die verliefd is op visual novels, haha. Ik zou het supergaaf vinden om meer met je te praten! …waarvoor de wordpress comments natuurlijk niet het meest handige systeem zijn, heh.

    • Hi there, thanks for your comment! I’m sorry for replying in English, but I’d prefer to keep the content of my blog in English. If you feel like talking you can always add me on twitter!

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