Broaden your View: Learning Japanese

LearningJapaneseI have finalized the Broaden your view: Reading VNs in Japanese post, reorganized it and wrote my personal conclusion of my journey as beginner in the Japanese language. I will keep updating the reading experience page with new VNs I finish or try in Japanese. This week, I’ve started a new journey. Continue reading


Tokyo – Akihabara: Loot + experiences

In Tokyo there is one district that we explored in its entirety: Akihabara.  Akihabara is often called the electric city and is stuffed with stores where you can buy all kinds of electronics. We saw a store selling random old computer parts, we saw a large store where one floor was covered with graphic cards only, the next with HDDs, the next with computer cases…, we saw one store that only had CABLES, cables everywhere! Of course this is not the (only) reason us youngsters would want to visit this place… Akihabara is also stuffed with all kinds of Japanese media and character goods for people obsessed with those media (otaku). As someone who loves Visual Novels and collecting figures, I didn’t go to Akihabara without a list of stuff I wanted to look for. Also for recommendations of stores that I think are must-visits, see the bottom of this article.

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Japan Travelings: interesting experiences

The past weeks I’ve been visiting 2 well-known areas in Japan: Kyoto and Tokyo prefecture. This was the first time for me and my friend going on a holiday outside of Europe and we were very excited about it. We picked Japan because we were sure to find some extreme cultural differences over there, which would probably feel refreshing compared to our own daily lives. I’d like to share some of the fun, beautiful and exciting experiences I had during my time in the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Journal VNs in Japanese: updates May

KanjiPractiseSome personal learning updates to the Broaden your view: Reading VNs in Japanese post. I’ve been gradually climbing what is only the foot of the mountain that is called “the Japanese language”, but lately I notice it’s getting steeper. Besides getting more experienced in reading easy-medium Japanese VNs with the help of tools, I’ve been concentrating some more on learning the other aspects of the language as well: writing and talking. Since my first goal will remain reading, I’ve still been mainly focussing on expanding my vocabulary knowledge (including kanji). Continue reading

Journal VNs in JP: end of the year 2014 update!

Update for the Broaden your view: Reading VNs in Japanese post. This time I’ll review what I’ve accomplished in 2014 and my personal experience with things I’ve read. Also my plans for 2015 and I’ll introduce a difficulty categorizing system. I hope this will help myself and other people to pick VNs by difficulty and learn experiencing Japanese stories in a comfortable way.
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