Tokyo – Akihabara: Loot + experiences

In Tokyo there is one district that we explored in its entirety: Akihabara.  Akihabara is often called the electric city and is stuffed with stores where you can buy all kinds of electronics. We saw a store selling random old computer parts, we saw a large store where one floor was covered with graphic cards only, the next with HDDs, the next with computer cases…, we saw one store that only had CABLES, cables everywhere! Of course this is not the (only) reason us youngsters would want to visit this place… Akihabara is also stuffed with all kinds of Japanese media and character goods for people obsessed with those media (otaku). As someone who loves Visual Novels and collecting figures, I didn’t go to Akihabara without a list of stuff I wanted to look for. Also for recommendations of stores that I think are must-visits, see the bottom of this article.

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My wishlist

Since I started collecting hard copies of visual novels I decided to make a wishlist of the games I want to buy in the future. I will probably keep adding things forever, so I will never complete it anyway. I just like keeping lists.